Boost your sales through referrals

Referred subscribers are the high-quality subscribers. They are much more likely to open your emails, love your content, and buy your paid services.

Boost your sales and deepen the bond with your customer

  • No credit card needed!
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Let your subscribers get more subscribers

Boost Referral does all the heavy lifting to promote your campaign and automatically emails new participats with their unique referral link, notifiles winners, and sends monthly reminders.

ESP Integrations

Integrate the services of ESP’s with Boost Referral to custom-tailor your email marketing campaign for your specific audience.

Dedicated LandingPage

Every subscribers would have their own dedicated landing page where they can view the rewards they have earned, referrals they have and also unique link of the referral campaign.

Automate Email

Send automated emails to new subscribers with unique referral links, notify winners, send monthly rewards, incentivize sharing, and track wins.


Keep customers and subscribers motivated with to share your brand and create opportunities for your subscribers that scale all the way to top.

Import Participants

Import the list of your existing subscribers and generate unique referral links to kick start your referral campaign.

Email Widget

The subscribers would be able to define their email template using this feature like the tile, description, social media links, and can also view the number of referrals with their unique referral link.

Rest API

Use our direct third party integrations, or Rest API’s to connect with your CRM, email marketing system, or other third party tools.


The users would be able to view the performance of their campaigns to understand the effectiveness of their referral campaigns.

Our Integrations

Set up your referral program once, then sit back and relax as Boost Referral automatically turns your subscribers into your advocates.

Incentivize your audience to refer friends to your newsletter with digital or physical rewards and giveaways.

How it works

  • 1. Setup and promote your referral campaign
  • 2. Subscribers participate in the referral campaign
  • 3. Integrate your referral campaign with ESP’s
  • 4. Send out automated emails
  • 5. Subscribers have their individual landing page
  • 6. Track the performance of your referral campaign
  • 7. Integrate third-party features through rest API’s

Why to use Boost Referral

92% of customers trust referrals from their family or friends

People are 4 times likely to purchase when referred by a person they know

77% customers buy a product when they learn about it from a known person

Effortless Referrals with exciting features

  • Transparent Pricing

  • Automatic Link Generator

  • Works on Multiple URL’s

  • Own your Data

  • In Depth Analytics

  • Automated Emails

  • Personalized Landing Page

  • Easy to use Campaign Creator

  • Automated Reward Fulfilment

Simple, Straightforward pricing



7 days free trial

  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited domains
  • No credit card required

Boost Referral is The best Referral Tool for your