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Boost your sales
through referrals

BoostReferral is a simple yet powerful SaaS-based referral tool, which can be integrated into any website, mobile application or social media channel to accelerate your business growth and extend outreach through referral marketing.

Boost sales while building relationships with a targeted audience

It’s proven that referred consumers are more likely to open your emails, engage with your content and buy your services.

✔ No credit card needed

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Let BoostReferral do the heavy lifting

BoostReferral automates your campaign by emailing unique referral links to participants, notifying winners and sending monthly reminders.

ESP integrations

Integrate BoostReferral with ESP’s to tailor your email campaign aesthetics for your target audience.

Booster benefits

Boosters have access to their own landing page to view referrals, unique links, rewards and more.

Booster incentives

Keep customers and subscribers motivated to share your brand by offering rewards determined by you.

Email widget

Business owners can customize their email template’s title, description, social media links and more offering a personal touch point.

Automate emails

Offer referral links, notify winners and send monthly rewards to boosters via automated emails.

Import existing contacts

Turn your existing contacts into boosters and kick start your campaign.


Use BoostReferral’s third party integrations, or REST API’s, to connect with your CRM, email marketing system and more.


Business owners have transparent access to performance analytics to measure effectiveness of campaigns.

Our integrations

After setting up your referral program, let BoostReferral turn your contacts into your boosters. Incentivize your audience to refer others to your content with rewards determined by you.